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    27 Oct

    Re-Evolution of the Best Salon In Delhi During COVID

    Curls or straights, blonde or burgundy, steps or bob, confused, right? Well, we are all alike before we began our search for Best Hair Salon in Delhi. Lockdown and COVID took away all those days where the Salons were the place we would go to get self pampered. Be it a new hairstyle or a face massage or manicure to pedicure, we were crazy about searching for the best salon near me. Yes, we understand your pain, but the thing is, as lockdown is relaxing and life is getting back to the normal, Best salon in Delhi are opening up with greater zeal and safety measures. We did a quick survey to see what different these Salons are doing to bring back the customers without fear, and the results revealed few amazing facts that will ease your search for Best Hair Salon Near me if you are all set for a new trendy haircut. So here is what we have in the form of a few small tips that will help you find the genuine best salon near me:

    Salon Owners Are Worried About Health of Customers and Staff

    Salon owners are very particular about the health of their staff and walk-in customers. The staff members inside the parlors are now mandatorily wearing the PPE kits. They are sanitizing their hand after serving each client. On the expensive side, the salons have started to use the complete body sanitizer that they spray over the customers immediately after their entry.

    Using disposable salon costumes is what we have experienced in all the types of salons rating 5 to rating 3.

    Good Salons Didn’t Increase Their Service Cost

    To our surprise, even after investing so much cost in getting safety measures in place, there are these salons, both the expensive and low budgeted ones, who have not increased any cost in their rate cards.

    Salons Are Avoiding Human Touch

    Best Salon in Delhi have also started to give so many services with a machine’s help to avoid human touch. Some salons are using amazing face massage wand to give facial. These results of such facials are tremendously stated by the customers who have taken facial after lockdown.

    Multiple ranges of trimmers are being used for threading and removing unwanted hair growth onto the face. The waxing is taken the next level up than the old traditional style.

    Social Media is a new way to promote the best salons in Delhi

    Many best salons in Delhi for a haircut have introduced a range of new haircuts; for example, long lob for women is in the trend, and for men, messy undercut and high low fade are all in.

    To promote their work, we believe a maximum of them have chosen social media platforms to portray their work; sharing Instagram stories and highlighting comments with decent feedback is a new way of promoting the best salons in Delhi.

    With all these improvisations in the Salon services, the only concern is that operating with lesser staff members has increased the customers’ waiting time. Well, we believe considering health, this wait is worthy enough. However, if you are still occupied at work from home, we would recommend you go to best salon near me, which will save your time and be a healthy choice to avoid external exposure to air for a longer time.