Top best men’s hairstyles for short hair in 2019

Men in the 21 st century are stylish, well-groomed and also follow the fashions in clothes, accessories, and hairstyles from all over the world. Hairstyles can make or break the look for a man and it is important that men must have clean, practical and yet stylish hairstyles that are in fashion not just in the country but all over the world. Hairstyles adopted by fashionable celebrities, business personalities and young superstars tend to become popular especially among the youth. ECUT provides best men’s hairstyles for short hair 

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Top best men’s hairstyles for short hair

  • Buzz Cut

    As per the Ecut ‘s expert views an easy hairstyle to maintain in the buzz cut which is very much in vogue these days. One of the best men’s hairstyles for short hair is a classic men’s hairstyle for very short hair and there are many looks of the buzz cut that can be achieved using electric clippers. The crew’s buzz cut and the faded buzz cut and buzz cuts that can be stylized and designed are all in vogue.
  • Quiff

    Another top hairstyle is the Quiff hairstyle which is liked by men in 2019. This hairstyle has been trendy since the 1950s and it is an elaborate hairstyle that keeps coming back in fashion. The modern-day hairstyle is a lot of hair in the front part of the head that can be swept into a bouncy look and short hair on the sides and back. Types of quaff hairstyles include messy quiff, classic quiff, short quiff, high quiff, and side-swept quiff are some of the top choices in this type of hairstyle.
  • Side Sweep

    Side parting with well-groomed hair has always been one of the best men’s hairstyles for short hair but a modern version of this is a side-swept hairstyle which is now popular. This type of hairstyle specially styled by Ecut is perfect with straight hair and it can be well maintained with limited styling products and perfect for formal as well as party looks.
  • Fade Hairstyles

    An aggressive tight taper style hair cut is usually called a fade hairstyle and it is the best men’s hairstyles for short hair. This is a great hairstyle for short hair and is easy to maintain as it needs hardly any products or styling. This is a hairstyle done using clippers and there are many types of fade haircuts which are popular with stylish men today. This includes low drop fade, low razor fade, taper fade, square fade and even buzz cut with a skin fade.
  • Pompadour

    Pompadour is a stylish hairstyle which was made popular over the decades and is very trendy these days. A large amount of hair in the front is swept upwards from the forehead area and is styled high above the forehead in a stylish look.
  • Regular Haircut or Taper Cut

    The Ecut’s standard regular haircut is one of the best men’s hairstyles for short hair. This is a classic clean-cut look usually with a side parting and there is just enough hair for a quick comb through. The regular haircut or the taper cut can be extremely short, short-medium, medium, long, and also can be cut keeping the hair slightly extra long which makes it a popular hairstyle in 2019.
  • Wings

    The wings haircut or the flippies hairstyle is a popular hairstyle among pop stars and also among young men of the 21 st century. This hairstyle by Ecut is in style with the modern preppy crowd and is a very fashionable haircut these days. This hairstyle is defined by straight or wavy hair that is cut in layers that also covers the ears from back to front style. Some wings hairstyles also have hair swept on the forehead and are perfect for young men who look to experiment with hairstyles.
  • Ivy League or Harvard Clip

    The Ivy League cut or the Harvard Clip hairstyle is a classic crew cut hairstyle that looks conservative yet macho and modern in the 21 st century. This hairstyle is a tapered style hair cut for short, medium and semi-short hair. It usually has a side parting and is a brilliant and easy hairstyle to maintain making it one of the best men’s hairstyles for short hair. The above-mentioned hairstyles are all trendy and very popular with men in the 21 st century as men are looking to wear stylish hairstyles these days to maintain a modern look.